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We know the difficulties that may exist in order to make a good idea flourish.
Set the right partner and the right strategy determines, often, the success or failure of a project.

Our unit of ventures has its own model and approach. We intend to identify ideas, companies and businesses that, at the same time, have the potential of scaling and ability to add value, develop synergies or incorporate innovation into the group’s current portfolio of investments.

What we do

  • We analyse and identify ideas and businesses with sclaing potential.

  • We help in the execution, development and optimization of the business model.

  • We invest capital, resources and share our experience and know-how by bringing value to projects.

  • We accelerate projects growth using the most appropriate strategies, either with our own channels established in more than 20 countries, or through our partner network.

  • We follow and provide management, industrialization and commercialization support in all phases of investment maturity.

Our advantages

Management Team

Access to an experienced management team with extensive know-how and access to advanced management tools.

Operational efficiency

Achieving unparalleled operational efficiency levels, namely through access to all existing back office and operational support services such as Financial Control, Accounting, IT, Legal and Communication and Image.

International orientation

Beneficts from being part of an experienced group with a successful internationalization process and in frank expansion.

Group synergies

Synergies that come from belonging to a Portuguese group of recognized prestige, strong vocation and international presence with offices and / or industrial units in operation in more than 20 countries.

Corporate culture

Strong corporate culture based on achieving results and exceeding goals.

We are Vigent

Reputational advantage of belonging to a group recognized for its judicious ethical principles of respect for society, competition and people.