Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy involves several voluntary actions aimed at promoting a beneficial development between the group, its employees, the community and other stakeholders.

Caring is prospering

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy involves several voluntary actions in different areas such as economy, education, the environment or support to local activities. They aim to promote an articulated relationship and growth between the Group, its employees, the surrounding community and other stakeholders.

We assume our responsibility on the promotion of useful relations with other actors in the community, being them institutions or individuals. Our companies seek to apply, on a day-to-day basis, a culture of sharing and cooperation with clients, suppliers, employees, financial entities or other partners with whom we interact.

The other responsibilities assumed by Vigent compete to raise the general well-being of the communities, in particular those related to the economic, social and environmental impacts that the creation of Group companies have in their respective geographic areas.

We seek to ensure a culture based on the promotion of well being and the personal and professional progression of our employees, as the main asset of our organizations. Whenever possible, we try to find support forms that promote the granting of benefits resulting from agreed protocols with external entities in the areas of health, banking, telecommunications, insurance or the provision of other services.