Our Story

Based on a solid foundation of family origin, the genesis society of the entire Group has already more than forty-five years of activity, being at the origin of a strong sectoral leadership strategy.

At the beginning of the millennium, after almost thirty years of growth and reinforcement of activities in several business areas, the industrial holding was created to add under the name Metalcon Investimentos SGPS, SA, a group of successful companies controlled by the Irmãos Silva family.

At that moment, and even in the first phase of its existence, the main reason for its constitution was precisely the management of family social shares.

With the growth of activities, the geographical and sectoral intervention base, the SGPS is assuming an increasingly important role in defining the Group’s overall strategy, whether due to the importance of centralized management of all corporate activity or through the definition of operational policies and management models that are transversal to all the investees.

It is in 2010, when the strategic plan of the holding dictates the formal and definitive start of the internationalization process, that the implemented management model increases its notoriety and relevance.

In 2016, as a way to strengthen and, above all, reflect our Vision, Ambition and Focus on the Prospering of our operations, we redefine our communication strategy, changing the Group's name to Vigent.

A model focused in increasing our operations value, materialized in business sustentability an overboard experiences sharing as a decisive factor for our investements evolution and available assets profitability.