Message from the Board of Directors's President

Just over a decade and a half after the reorganization of our Group, we look at the current moment with the same aspirations, will and determination that moved us when we created our first company more than 45 years ago.

Prouds of what we achieved in the past, we will never live in the certainty that the successes of yesterday, or even the successes of today, will ensure the prosperity of tomorrow. Our careful business vision realizes that, nowadays, in this competitive world, that every day is changing, it takes more than that will and ambition.

We believe in values such as devoted work and careful rigor. We believe that only the long-term strategy, which knows how to incorporate the knowledge of experience with the dynamics of innovation, can result in an evolutionary and continuous process of success.

We believe in our people. Without them we would only be built heritage, gray and without stories to tell. They, more than our main asset, are our greatest way of activating the ideas we are building.

This is our culture. This is how we want to keep Creating Value.  We believe that we will continue to Prosper in this way. We wish to address a word of appraisal to all those who trust in us and participate, directly or indirectly, in this business project – we are grateful for the trust they have in us and we also want to share with them our momentum.

Today we are a Group present in more than ten and a half countries around the world, in an accelerated process of expansion, and with a diversified portfolio of investments in different business areas.

We want to continue to grow. The challenge will always be to find the balance between the will that tells us to risk and the reason that advises us, more prudently, to evolve in a sustained way.

If we keep doing it this way, we are convinced that we will have a long and Prosperous future ahead.

Board of Directors

Rui Alves

Joaquim Silva

Adelino Silva

Sérgio Silva

Jorge Nina


Definition and supervision of integrated strategy in the short, medium and long term, covering all areas of activity and different markets, based on a single business culture.