Whistleblower Channel

Policy for the Prevention of Corruption and Related Offenses, please consult here.

Regulation for Reporting Offenses, consult here.

Processing of Personal Data, R.G.P.D., consult here.

The VIGENTGROUP prioritizes respect for current laws and regulations. Therefore, and in strict compliance with Law No. 93/2021, of December 20, it has created and implemented this Reporting Channel so that employees and third parties can securely report any violation within the scope of the aforementioned legislation.

The reporting channels provided by VIGENTGROUP are:

1. By mail:

Send a letter to the company in question, to the address:
Rua de S. Martinho n.ºs 51 e 99,
4785-359 Trofa
With the subject/mention ‘CONFIDENTIAL’.

2. By phone:

+351 252 039 900
(For national landline calls)

3. By email:

“Send an email to the respective company’s email:

Vigentgroup – Serviços Corporativos Unipessoais Lda   denuncias@vigent.pt
Sapore – Investimentos Imobiliários, S.A.                         denuncias_sapore@vigent.pt
Brasmar – Comércio de Produtos Alimentares, S.A.       denuncias_brasmar@vigent.pt
Metalogalva – Irmãos Silvas, S.A.                                        denuncias_metalogalva@vigent.pt
MSS Steel Tubes S.A.                                                             denuncias_mss@vigent.pt
Galvaza – Construções Metálicas e Galvanização S.A.    denuncias_galvaza@vigent.pt
Margem Poente – Gestão Imobiliária Lda                         denuncias_margempoente@vigent.pt
Tecpoles GmbH                                                                      whistleblower_tecpoles@vigent.pt