Message from the CEO

Our ambition is to Prosper and we want to do it side by side, Prospering Together.

It is with great satisfaction and pride that we inform You that Metalcon Investimentos, SGPS SA, has changed its corporate name to VigentGroup, SGPS, SA. This way the current use of the corporate brand Vigent was started.

The creation of the new brand reinforces our ambition to go further. Vigent means to prosper and that is our main motivation.

The new image and the new name aim to broaden horizons and strengthen our position across borders in the great world economies, where we also aim to be leaders. They reflect in a more rigorous way our attitude and our dynamism, renewing the conditions to accelerate our expansion objectives.

The brand that is now born, gives us more strength and will to grow, keeping unchanged something that is essential for us – our corporate culture. We changed the shape, the colors and even the sound. We maintained our values, our culture and our commitment to all parties involved in this business project.

Create value and prosper – that is what we aim for – for the Group, for our employees, for all those who relate and trust us.

This moment settles the beginning of a stage , where we hope that everyone, living up to our new signature, can prosper together.

Best regards,

Sérgio Silva

Chief Executive Officer
VigentGroup, SGPS, SA

One team, one management with value

Definition and implementation of the business plan, resulting from a value management that enables the achievement of objectives in a sustainable and effective manner.

Executive Committee

By bringing together the same objective across all of its members, the management team assumes its ambition to monitor at all times the implementation of the business plan and ensure the pursuit of business strategy.

Sérgio Silva

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Rui Alves

CREO – Chief Real Estate Officer

Jorge Nina

CCSO – Chief Corporate Strategist Officer

Bruno Afonso

CFCO – Chief Financial Corporate Officer